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A History of Opening Doors

Right from our very beginning, Cornerstone has had a desire to be a church that exists not just for ourselves, but for the benefit of those around us. As we live, work, play and worship right here in this community, we want to be the kind of people whose doors are always open to building new relationships and solidifying long-standing friendships so that anyone at any time can feel like they are part of the family. Our passion is that many people would be introduced to Jesus and his church.

We also have a long-standing culture of investing in, caring for and nurturing young people. Because of that intentional investment, we have opened significant doors for many young leaders. Many of those young people have gone on to become strong spiritual leaders in their communities and have made significant contributions already.

Over the last decade, we have been privileged to open doors for the gospel in really significant ways in Burundi, Congo, and Thailand. All of this has been fuelled by our mission of glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus.

  • God has given us a property located in the centre of town

  • Cornerstone is poised for growth as Virgil grows

  • Many still need to respond to the gospel of Jesus

  • We want our family home to reflect the hospitality God is calling us to

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You Belong

While we have immersed ourselves in our global mission, we have also grown locally. We have been praying, with Paul in Colossians 4, that “God would open to us a door for the Word, to declare the mystery of Christ.”  

As we have been praying this, we believe that the Spirit of God has been calling us to open our doors. That is, He is calling us to be a people who are marked by hospitality. While hospitality may conjure up notions of elaborate tea parties, an article in Martha Stewart magazine, or bland conversation, biblical hospitality is treating strangers as family members, so that one day they truly become family members. In our modern, hyper-busy, and polarized world, the need for gospel-centred hospitality is hard to overstate. We need a revival of the expression of vibrant Christianity. We need a revival of hospitality. We believe that hospitality opens a door for the gospel. We believe that the front door of our church is actually the front door of your home. 

Too often in church communities, we make belonging dependent on belief and behaviour. This means that you can belong only after you believe what we believe and behave how we behave.  The call of Jesus, however is to embrace the outsider and stranger and allow them to belong. It is as they belong, that some will come to believe in Jesus as the Lord and Saviour and then become mature followers of Jesus. 

Let's Open Our Doors Again! 

This Fall, Cornerstone will embark on the Open Doors Campaign. This initiative involves an organic movement of neighbourhood hospitality as we welcome strangers into our homes and lives, offering them a place to belong. As we become more hospitable, we believe our church will continue to grow in numbers.  

The reality is that we have actually outgrown our family home on Hwy 55. An overcrowded, non-intuitive space is not displaying the hospitality we believe God is calling us to. Therefore, the Open Doors Campaign is seeking to transform our campus by building a new worship auditorium and renovating the kids wing, both of which are served by an expanded lobby. We hope to construct a stand-alone Ministry Hub that will be home to our Youth Ministries and  and renovate our current auditorium into a great multi-purpose space. All of this to welcome our community into our family home 7 days a week, making Jesus known in word and deed right here in Niagara

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 We are asking everyone who belongs to Cornerstone to…



No vision of this magnitude can be accomplished without sustained and united prayer. Ask God who you can invite into your home and your life. Ask him how you are called to manage the financial resources he has entrusted to you.


Sign up for and attend an Open Doors Vision Night to discern together how God is leading us. Listen to how God leads you.


Generosity is primarily a posture of our hearts. We believe this is a defining moment for the Cornerstone family to give generously and sacrificially with joy and purpose for the flourishing of our community.